Bu testin nəticəsi əsasında sizin ingilis dili biliyinizin səviyyəsi müəyyən ediləcək və sizə bildiriləcək.

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I ________________ from France.

This is my friend. _____________ name is Peter.

Mike is ______________.
My brother is ______________ artist.
_______________ 20 desks in the classroom.
Paul ________________ romantic films.
Sorry, I can’t talk. I _____________ right now.
She _________________ at school last week.
I _________________ the film last night.
__________________ a piece of cake? No, thank you.
The living room is ___________________ than the bedroom.
The car is very old. We’re going ____________________ a new car soon.
Jane is a vegetarian. She ____________________ meat.
There aren’t ________________ buses late in the evening.
The car park is _________________ to the restaurant.
Sue ________________ shopping every day.
They _________________ in the park when it started to rain heavily.

________________ seen fireworks before?
We’ve been friends ____________________ many years.
You _________________ pay for the tickets. They’re free.
Jeff was ill last week and he _________________ go out.
These are the photos ________________ I took on holiday.
We’ll stay at home if it _______________ this afternoon.
He doesn’t smoke now, but he __________________ a lot when he was young.
Mark plays football ___________________ anyone else I know.
I promise I __________________ you as soon as I’ve finished this cleaning.      
This town ___________________ by lots of tourists during the summer.
He said that his friends ____________ to speak to him after they lost the football match.
How about _________________ to the cinema tonight?
Excuse me, can you ___________________ me the way to the station, please?
I wasn’t interested in the performance very much. ________________.
Take a warm coat, _______________ you might get very cold outside.
__________________ this great book and I can’t wait to see how it ends.
What I like more than anything else ___________________ at weekends.
She ________________ for her cat for two days when she finally found it in the garage.

We won’t catch the plane _________________ we leave home now! Please hurry up!
If I hadn’t replied to your email, I___________________ here with you now.
Do you think you ___________________ with my mobile phone soon? I need to make a call.
I don’t remember mentioning __________________ dinner together tonight.
Was it Captain Cook ______________ New Zealand?
You may not like the cold weather here, but you’ll have to ________________, I’m afraid.
It’s cold so you should __________________ on a warm jacket.
Paul will look ______________ our dogs while we’re on holiday.
She ___________________ a lot of her free time reading.
Hello, this is Simon. Could I ___________________ to Jane, please?
They’re coming to our house ___________________ Saturday.
I think it’s very easy to ___________ debt these days.
Come on! Quick! Let’s get _____________!
I phoned her ____________ I heard the news.
I feel very ____________. I’m going to go to bed!